Ford, Ken & John

John “Model T” Ford and Kenneth Ford

The Ford brothers of Breckenridge were among the first of many great passing quarterbacks to come out of the Big Country. Both are in the Hardin-Simmons Hall of Fame.  John set 13 Cowboy passing records and ranked among the nation’s top 10 passers in 1948, 1949 and 1950.  His 26 touchdown passes in one season was a national record at the time.  He was named the most valuable player in the North-South Shrine All-State game in 1950.  Ken led the nation in passing in 1957 and finished as the fourth-leading passer in HSU history in the Division I scholarship era at the school.  He was the most valuable player in the Blue-Gray game in 1957 and played for the New York Giants in 1958 and the New York Titans in 1960.  John Ford is Deceased.


1 Ken Ford  Breckenridge_lettermans jacket copy 2 John T Ford_Breckenridge_Lettermans jacket 3 HSU cowboy decal 4 John T HSU #26_posed passing 5 JohnT #45 HSU and three others on horses 6 John T #45 Eugene Offield #80 good friends from Breckenridge and #88 sitting on bench 7 John T HSU #45 press shot passing 10 John T press shot walking horses in uniforms and chaps press shot 11 John T HSU #45 Framed original sketch for Press by Pap 12 Ken photo of sketch by Pap HSU #10, John T sketched on side also 13 Sam Levits photo and paste up for press featuring backs 14 John Ford University of Arizona Coach 15 John T returning to HSU to coach copy 17 John Ford Lakewood High School skull practice 18 John Ford Lakewoood High School 19 John Ford Lakewoood High School John T & Mrs. Ford John T Ford Stadium John T Ford Tribute John T game stats John T photo John T. Ford Fiesta John T. Ford John T. Stats Ken & Sammy Ken & Trophy Ken Ford - Pro Rookies Ken Ford #10 Ken Ford Solo Shot w FB Ken Ford w FB cropped shot Ken Ford-Graham Coach